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Unlock iPhone 6 +, iphone 6 and other iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G officially , But before that you will need to find the exact carrier for that iPhone , If you are not aware where that iPhone was bought or where it was bought , You can run iPhone Carrier Finder   and find the iphone Details . You can place your order from out website  IMEIfactoryunlock.com choose iPhone Carrier Finder and put in the IMEI number and make the payment and you will get the details in 10-20 minutes. we support almost all the carriers all around the from AT&T,Vodafone,T-mobile,Optus,Telstra or any Other carriers all around the world but you need to know the carrier name first.

iPhone Carrier Finder Result Sample

This is the Sample how the Here are the results sample you will get after using our IMEI network checker:

IMEI: 013422006154968
Model: iPhone 5 Black 16GB
Warranty: Limited Warranty (75 days left)
Warranty Start Date: 2013-02-22
Warranty End Date: 2014-02-21
Activation Status: Yes
Locked By Carrier: Australia Telstra
Find My iPhone: OFF
Sim Lock: Locked


The name of the carrier is in the Australia Telstra . So You need to select the Country as Australiaand Carrier As Telstra while Placing the Order.

How to find IMEI Number using iphone carrier finder

If you don’t know how to do that there are three ways to find it:

  1. Type *#06# and you will see 15 digits on iPhone’s screen. That will be IMEI
  2. Take iPhone’s SIM tray out and you will see Serial number and IMEI number.
  3. Go to Settings > General > About

How does iPhone Carrier Finder Service at the moment Work ?

Simply provide us with your iPhone’s unique IMEI #, and then follow our easy step-by-step guide the process is very simple and works extremely fast and its all automated service so iphone carrier finer works automatically all the time and will give results with in 5-10 minutes and some times might take a bit longer time.

You need to know

  1. For successful iPhone Carrier Finder you need to be very care full while getting your iPhone IMEI no. so learn more  ways if you want to know more ways  Find IMEI no of iPhone
  2. If you Purchased your iPhone online like sites from Ebay or any other online websites then you must run the iPhone Carrier Finder if you have any issues simply email us immediately. to support@imeifactoryunlock.com
  3. heck your email’s junk/spam folder for vital correspondences regarding the status of your unlock
  4. Read our ‘Terms and Conditions” prior to making any purchases.

iPhone Carrier Finder Service At the Moment Supports all iPhone Models

  1. iPhone 6 +
  2. iPhone 6
  3. iPhone 5S
  4. iPhone 5C
  5. iPhone 5
  6. iPhone 4S
  7. iPhone 4
  8. iPhone 3GS
  9. iPhone 3G
  10. iPhone 2G
iPhone Carrier Finder Service At the Moment Supports all iOS firmwares

  1. ios 8.1.1
  2. ios 8.1
  3. ios 8.0
  4. ios 7.1.1
  5. ios 7.0.1
  6. ios 7.0
  7. ios 6.1.3
  8. ios 6.1.2
  9. ios 6.1.1
  10. ios 6.0
  11. ios 5.X.X.
  12. ios 4.X.X

which Means you can place your order no matter which iOS firmware you are using at the moment,